An online presence might just be all your small business needs to explode! …and dominate your industry. But most businesses have been online for some time now, and have been getting it wrong for a decade.

A small businesses website is going to look similar but operates completely differently than a large enterprise. That’s why a small business needs the expertise of a web design agency that designs for both large and small entities. Affordable web design for small businesses requires the right web agency that will utilize resources as efficiently as possible.
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Most small businesses fail to make their goals as clear as possible in the beginning. They jump from one cheap outsourcer to another, one web design agency to another, and they don’t wait around long enough to watch the magic happen. Most large web design agencies only offer enterprise pricing, so small businesses are subject to the mishaps that come with a poorly designed website.

I guess you get what you pay for…

Website builder services and freelancers tend to come with delays, excuses, technical issues, and copyright slip-ups – something you would never deal with if you buy an expensive website. To get the best of both worlds I recommend working with an agency that accommodates small businesses with web design services.

Success in the Long Run

Now you might be wondering, “Do my small businesses even require an internet presence? I’m only selling $500-$1,000/month” …Well, ultimately the decision is up to you. However, making the decision, you might want to take a look at the benefits that come with having an online presence.


With a very dynamic website, your customers will have a good reason to come back a second time. Even if they forget their experience, the website should communicate a similar vibe and remind them of what they can expect from your business. You might think to yourself, ” Well I offer the best products and services in my industry, that is a selling point and that should be enough”…

We applaud your desire to give out the best service. And a quality product is the NUMBER ONE necessity before starting a business.

However, have you ever noticed how many promising ads are displayed in front of us every day? Let’s face it – everyone thinks they’re the best, or at least unique and that supporting their business is worthwhile.

But your customers don’t care about you or your business…


The only real risk is spending too much seed capital on a website. Which is actually pretty enormous… Let’s say you have $5,000 to start your business, generate sales with paid traffic, and survive without working a job. An expensive website could cost upwards of $7,000, so that’s not even an option. A mid-range website could cost you $2,000 but you may end up getting it redone because you’re unhappy with it, or it’s missing some important bells and whistles.  A cheap, or God forbid, a FREE website is like digging your own grave.

It will have pre-branded material (logos from free website builders) and tons of wasted space, turning away potential clients if it ever makes it to the first page of Google search.

When a new customer reads a positive review or testimonial, this can be problematic. They will have preconceived ideas about your brand and services, and if the website doesn’t meet their expectations, they’ll go with your competitor. With our web design services, you needn’t worry about that because we infuse marketing & psychology techniques into any website we design, no matter the budget or technical difficulty.

What Make a Website Appealing?

First impressions matter, and a well-designed homepage with great images, and a clean modern, thoughtful design tells your customer YOU MEAN BUSINESS.

You can seduce them more once they’ve actually made it to your website than you can with advertising. “Well, my shop/store has leading-edge creative designs and cool UI/UX features” …That is great! But again, your customer doesn’t really care.

How many times have you avoided making a purchase because the brand’s website looks super techy? For me, it’s a regular thing.

I can think of brands with sleek, futuristic websites – BUT they generate sales because they have solid products and good marketing also. So it’s not as simple as the design of your website that converts…

Over 3.2 billion people use the internet every day. That sounds like a ton of money just waiting for you to go get it… But everyone (at least everyone that owns a computer) would be rich if it was that simple.

Let’s face it, to have a great website means you have a great business. Sure, there will be tons of polarized customers, but if you can afford a great website that users enjoy, and it can effectively position and sell your products – you have a great business. Sometimes I think the hardest part of transitioning a small business to an enterprise is figuring out three things:

  • what to sell

  • who is going to buy from you

  • where to find them

It’s common to see websites where designers have gone overboard with colors, infographics, animations, and video content that slows the page speed. With us, the colors of your site will play an important role in the long-run but we like to keep it simple.

Each color suggests a specific vibe. We use blue to let customers know you’re trustworthy, black to communicate luxury, and browns to suggest historic & a long standing brand.

Imagine your business getting noticed on Pinterest, just because you have a brand that resonates with people. It won’t be long before you have to begin hiring to serve the sudden influx of new customers.

Your business needs visibility, but more so, it needs to eliminate obscurity. If your website has a very low Google ranking, customers will never see it. It’s advisable to invest 30% of your growth budget on marketing. So make sure you account for that in your efforts to expand as well.

With over 13 million sites in the UK and even more in the US, it’s clear that any business that plans to be successful should take a holistic approach to design and marketing. Still looking for an agency that will make an affordable web design for small businesses? Search no more.