Childcare Web Design Tips

Searching for the right daycare for a child can be a cumbersome affair.

Families have to keep in mind several factors. For example, considerations regarding the child’s temperament, overall institutional prowess, budget, and location are important factors among many others.

Our children are our greatest treasure, they are the future.

Neuroscience in Child Care

In the first 7 years of a child’s life, they are in a state similar to hypnosis. Between the ages of 0 – 7, our children will spend most of their time in Alpha and Theta brainwave cycles, meaning they will pick up every detail in the environment without judgment or intellectual filtering. Similar to a meditative state, children in this age range are highly susceptible to outside influence and the experiences during this stage of the child’s life will set the tone for the rest of their journey.

Thus, it is crucial to send your children to the best childcare center possible.

Before parents can give you the green light, they need proof that you are a good fit for the job of raising their children. They need to know what your values are, and if they fit their families needs specifically. Therefore, there are a few subliminal associations that parents need to make to enroll their offspring with you.

A simple Facebook page or business listing can help you with some of this, but not nearly to the extent of an aesthetically appealing and well-marketed website. If you are wondering what makes the ideal childcare website, here are a few essential things to consider:

1) A testimonial section goes a long way.

As with any business, testimonials are vital.

5-star ratings across the web and video testimonials are incredibly powerful when it comes to attracting new sign-ups.

However, they are more critical in childcare than other businesses.

Not only are childcare services a short-run commitment, but they are also a long-term investment.

Parents can be uncompromising about their choices in this arena, and for good reason. They worry about whether their kids will be safe in your custody. Will the children be nurtured and treated well? Are their children going to be happy, well-fed, entertained, and educated?

The most elite preschools can cost upwards of the amount of a small mortgage.

When it comes to finding adequate childcare, this is no laughing matter.

Positive and detailed testimonials section will help to ease underlying fears that could swing an undecided client into your grasp. Preferably, you should have a feature on the homepage of the website to cater to those nervous clients who have built-in concerns regarding their children’s best interests. 

2) Have an “Meet Our Team” page that shows you genuinely care.

It might sound cliché, but you need to speak from the heart regarding why you do what you do.

Put yourself in the shoes of a busy parent.

They don’t have time to scour the web and sort out all of the fears and doubts regarding who will take care of their child while they’re at work.

These parents are essentially working to pay for someone else to raise their children.

Gone are the days of one-off babysitting and stay-at-home moms being the primary caretakers of offspring.

Childcare centers are sprouting up around the country and the industry is becoming more competitive each day.

Imagine what it’s like leaving a toddler in the hands of a stranger.

It’s a terrifying experience, and most parents need to be reassured that they’re making the right decision with your center.

Appeal to how you can free up their hands, and provide a worry-free safe space for their children to flourish. Showing parents that you are able to treat their children as they would treat them will go over well for the growth of your center.

If you have a touching story to tell regarding how or why you got into this line of work, this is the place to do it.

If not, relate to the concerned parent and use tactical empathy to earn their trust. Show them that you’re discerning and not every child is a good fit for you, while simultaneously clearing up any confusion about the level of care your center provides.

3) A gallery detailing your staff and facility is of the essence.

Take your audience on a visual journey of your facility, highlighting how and why it’s a great place for kids.

This will help users feel like they’ve taken a peek inside what their child might experience after enrollment. Future pacing your audience, as if they’ve already signed up with you, is a great strategy.

Furthermore, you should do this via video. Have staff members take turns introducing themselves, how long they’ve worked for you, and answer common questions before the user calls to ask. This video should be on “autoplay,” meaning it should automatically start up when someone lands on a specific page of your website.

Pictures are worth a thousand words, but videos are worth more than a thousand pictures. With technology, modern businesses are able to surpass all of the subconscious biases and filters that would otherwise take years to cross.

4) A list of your accolades furthers your apparent professionalism.

Be it awards, licenses, or accreditations, have a place on your website mentioning your achievements.

These speak to your competence in the field and paint you in good credibility.

Further, they breach the authority bias and bandwagon effect which help consumers justify trusting someone as the more authoritative option in the industry.

You could go with a different font or bolded/brightened colors to ensure that digital passersby are able to satisfy these biases with a list of your accomplishments. 

5) Pair content with infographics.

Long blocks of texts are like an attention repellant.

Modern users have a shorter attention span than a goldfish, so they won’t read anything long-form or boring.

Punctuate the most important data with alluring and vibrant infographics to highlight what you need to say attractively and concisely.

In the same breath, the ideal childcare template should have gorgeous and bright hues that look friendly and approachable.

At the same time, there shouldn’t be so much color and activity that the text becomes illegible.

Your website should also be extremely simple to navigate and clearly (yet in detail) outline the kind of services you offer.

This way, parents can set reminders and get updates quickly while on the go. In the millennial age of parenting, where there’s an app for everything, showcasing yourself as a tech-savvy and intellectually fit establishment can further your appeal to future clients.

Your goal should be to make the user’s experience as painless and as attractive as possible.

Make it Easy

Lastly, it would help if you thought about linking your website to an application as well. This will expedite sign-ups and making an offering, or reciprocity trigger will let users know you have skin in the game as well. Showing users that you’re invested in their children with a coupon ($100 off the first month) or free e-book will save time and money in the long run.

Your clients will justify working with you if the experience begins in a positive manner, and you follow through on promises throughout the relationship.