How To Find a Good Blog Marketing Firm

Blogging has become the gold rush of the digital age.

Today, it’s much harder to get your blog on the first page of Google search than it was 5 years ago. However, there’s still so much untapped potential. It’s entirely possible to replace your salary with a simple blog that generates affiliate income and ad revenue.

And with thousands of companies striving to offer their services to whoever is searching – businesses will pay a pretty penny to a blogger who captures their audience before the business can.

In that mix, there are top agencies to work with, and there are those to avoid like the plague. Many bloggers will learn to market on their own, however, if you’re currently working a 9 to 5 and would like to transition to a blog that’s already paying you, consider hiring a blog marketing agency to get you there.

Hiring A Blog Marketing Agency

The problem lies in where to begin. It can be a turbulent process trying to identify which category a prospective agency falls into when you don’t already have a background in marketing. From a seemingly limitless combination of agency skillsets, the best option to hire is going to boil down to a few core things.

That leads us to today’s subject of discussion. Below we’ll bring to light how to choose the right blog marketing agency. Take a look:

1) A good agency has topnotch copywriting

Previous projects and samples of past works will guide you in analyzing many aspects of the agency at hand. 

The first, and arguably, the most crucial metric of judgment is the caliber of copywriting the company has to offer. Brilliant copywriting is typically well-structured with an enthralling introduction followed by the seamless transition of ideas.

This is rounded off by a summarized call to action.

BEFORE contacting an agency, take a look at their blog.

Make sure they’re writing style and copy speak to the end user’s values and beliefs. This will let you know whether the agency is focused on ranking or conversion. It’s possible they’re focused on both. If an agency is solely focused on ranking, the sentences and copy won’t sound like they put much effort into it. It may even have errors and be very, very long.

If the agency is focused on the consumer, the copy will be easy to read and about 1,200 words in length. There may be many articles and a call to action at the end of each.

The right agency will always keep search engine optimization in mind, as well. This means they’ll pack content with meaningful information devoid of fluff, and incorporate competitive keywords. Good content also has impeccable grammar and spelling, imagery, and preferably reels in readers to be part of the discussion via a conversational tone of writing.

There are many additional factors that constitute the ideal blog marketing service provider, such as those mentioned below…

2) Take a look at the company’s backlink strategies

High-quality backlinks make up the spine of any blog.

If there are no backlinks, then traffic is unlikely.

Google works like high school. If popular websites are talking about your website, you become popular by association. This means that your content will show up closer to the first page over time, and more qualified users will be directed to your website.

Implementing a killer strategy in this regard can open up new doors of opportunities while bolstering traffic.

Consequently, the agency of your choosing must have a flawless backlink game which you can once again determine from past works.

This doesn’t necessarily mean they’ve invested much into their own SEO. Alternatively, they may have many links from past web design and SEO clients that build strength to the agencies website. Instead, request client site examples to review. This can be tough to address if you don’t have a background in marketing, so it’s best if the agency owners have their own blogs (side businesses) which they’ve successfully marketed. These will show you the specific blog marketing capabilities and skillsets you can expect will be applied to your blog.

Quality SEO = Quality Traffic

Quality backlinks are inherently unique in that they trace back to informational sources, think Wikipedia and WebMD, instead of possible avenues of competition.

Also, appropriate links that are in line with your niche and come from a referral domain with high authority in that specific field will get the best results. “Authoritative” implies enormous corporations (like Google, Amazon, etc.), leading websites, and established educational or government institutions.

This also includes well-respected blogs in the niche who have linked back to your website from a relevant piece of content.

3) The right agencies do their homework

If you walk into a marketing agency and the moment you’re out the door they’ve already started putting up content on your website, then that might not be the best agency.

A good one does its due diligence and takes its time to figure out what makes your business tick. Each piece of content should be specific to what your audience cares about. When users find you in search, they might land on a number of articles, and that means that your first impression will be made from whatever piece of content the user is reading.

This means everything published is important, everything is consequential.

The best agencies ask tons of question and perform extensive research on your brand, your background, your audience, and the industry values in order to develop a consistent voice and personality for readers.

The agency should also get to know your target demographic in great detail. Comprehensive market research ensures that you consistently create content that appeals to your particular audience. We could talk about eons, but this is the purpose of quality neuromarketing. This yields better results opposed to the standard, volume focused marketing (ie, playing the numbers game).

4) The ideal agency has a social media presence

Blog marketing and social media marketing go hand in hand these days.

A good blog marketing company is actively involved across multiple social media platform. It generates content that usually spins off into active discussions across YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have a ton of followers. But they should have an active and engaged following.

Lastly, the right agency promises realistic results.

It typically takes anywhere between three to twelve months to notice significant traffic returns on marketing efforts.

So if a company is promising overnight success, they are probably lying to you. They may be counting on using your marketing budget to fund their own marketing efforts and attract more clients like you who never see results. this also should not be a cheap service. Good marketing requires you to invest a substantial monthly retainer for the first year. However, you shouldn’t be tied into a contract for the long haul.