Hey, are you a mom that’s wanted to start a blog or work from home, but have no clue where to start? Have you been sacrificing for your family and leaving your dreams on the backburner?

This day in age, you could be selling your stuff and sharing your ideas with people all over the country. And that’s why no one regrets having a website. The truth is, having your own blog will make life EASIER.

You’ll find yourself able to organize your thoughts, with a supportive community, and working more efficiently, less often. The people taking advantage of having their own website are experiencing significant fulfillment in their lives – it’s the people who are too “busy” who suffer. Now you’re probably thinking that operating a website is time-consuming, and you’re not even sure where to start.


My husband and I have grown up in the digital age and built several web-based businesses and blogs over the years. We’ve experienced increases upwards of 400% by taking a business online. We have been able to pay our bills, take vacations, buy cars, and pursue our dreams with the money we’ve earned from behind a computer screen.

The economy hasn’t seen a major crash in nearly a decade, but this upcoming election is promising to create dramatic change for business owners. Now is the time to take a business online. People are losing faith in referrals and requiring more social proof than ever(reviews, social media followers, etc).


30 years ago, shoppers preferred to work with family-owned businesses that had a long-standing reputation. Today, things are different. You won’t hear about how necessary websites are because large companies want to weed out the voices of individuals. If you don’t already have a website, you’ve probably been intimidated by who you’re competing against, I know I have.

The web is a big place. No one could’ve predicted how much technology would change the way people behave and think. I used to go to the library to print paperwork. I studied International Business in college and stayed as far away from the digital world as possible. But then I realized how much harder I was working by resisting technology.

You haven’t heard of how profitable having a blog or online business is because frankly, everyone with a website is too busy bagging money to write about it. I know you’re wondering “How can you guarantee a website will get people interested?”

So I’m going to share a free 5-Step process to getting your own optimized, easy to navigate website – without all the fluff.

The Building Process

STEP 1 – Mobile Optimization

This is the most commonly forgotten step in web design. Having a responsive website makes it easy for people to view your site on any device. In July 2015, Google also started penalizing sites that aren’t responsive.

STEP 2 – Contact Information

This step seems obvious, but most sites tend to put the contact information at the bottom of the page or on a “Contact Us” page. You want to make sure your business’ contact information is above the fold on the homepage so it is easily accessible.

STEP 3 – Social Media Links

Many blogs put social thumbnails on their homepage to let visitors know they are on social networks. However, if the site is for “Mom & Baby Workout Videos” and the Facebook Page is “Mommy & Me Workouts,” how would a subscriber know what to search when they go to follow you on social media? It’s important that social thumbnails are clickable and link directly to your social media profiles.

STEP 4 – On-Page SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is where the money is. Many blogs make money from affiliate programs and the more subscribers/visitors, the more you make in affiliate commission. SEO is done in two parts: On-Page Optimization, and backlinking. Having on-page optimization is half the battle. When other websites link back to your website, Google has to be able to easily navigate and interpret why the site was linking back to you. The more links your site has, the more authoritative it looks. The more “optimized” your website is, the better your rankings will be in Google. Basically SEO = traffic = affiliate commission.

STEP 5 – Call-To-Action

I’m sure you’ve seen sites that say “Call Now for a FREE Consultation” or “Email Us To Guest Post.” This may seem salesy but a call-to-action will significantly increase as the chances of visitors subscribing and buying one of your affiliate products in the future.

Imagine if you had these five steps integrated into your website… Imagine if you only interacted with targeted, qualified, interested visitors… Who wouldn’t want a simple, efficient way of getting in front of more people?

You can implement all of these strategies on your own, but I’ve got a better idea…