Most senior entrepreneurs are stressed, exhausted, and carry great responsibilities. Or as the saying goes, leaders eat last.

As they advance in life, society begins to put these senior professionals (lawyers, doctors, high-level politicians, etc) on a pedestal.

People start to ask for more things, more often. As a result, the professional employs a series of gatekeepers to protect what they’ve built, allowing them to focus on their craft.

In theory.

But somehow they become different from average individuals over time. After a decade or so, they’re called “filthy rich” and develop a reputation for intimidation, materialism, and greed.

1. Business relationships need more affection & greater attention to detail

Most business owners would rather spend money and time with family, than schmooze clients. Further, they would rather do just about anything than manage employees.

Take a successful personal injury attorney for example…

He already “works too much” according to his wife, spends $5 million annually on marketing and who knows how much he spends on other services that keep the business going. He has to answer phone calls while vacationing with family. Consequently, this creates frustration as the thing he wants most is to make his family happy and take care of them. Oh, the irony…

Family is a hunter’s primary motivation. The family doesn’t have to be blood-related. The term signifies the responsibility to take care of a group of less dominant individuals, which ultimately motivates the hunter. Everyone in the group offers some kind of benefit, however, they do that best in specified roles.

The attorney would never want is to hurt his spouse or kids, and he certainly doesn’t want the drama of a divorce, a ruined reputation, or to be taken to the cleaners in court.

A friendly, thoughtful, and trustworthy cohort will help him to stay motivated and focused while feeling secure and dominant. He’ll appreciate the encouragement to stay focused on what’s most important, but this dynamic is generally effective when femininity is embraced rather than suffocated.

As women, we naturally focus on building these qualities into relationships so it is advantageous to invite them into the workplace while keeping our ego in check.

2. Open feminity reduces the risk of sexual harassment

For the personal injury attorney, I mentioned above, it’s risky to employ a young secretary for obvious reasons. Given the sexual tension built up in a Western culture, and the taboo nature of sexuality, this scenario fulfills all the basic human needs, creating a drug-like addiction. It’s like giving daily hits of crack to a crackhead. He feels overwhelmed and she provides a sense of escape.

Though he doesn’t really want to escape, he is extremely stressed, bordering on depression, and looking for an immediate change – immediate relief.

This theoretical secretary would depend on him to tell her what to do, agreeing to almost anything because she depends on the job to take care of her own family.

Normal right? That’s essentially the employer/employee relationship. But as a dependent, she feels pressured to do almost anything he tells her to.

Unless he’s dealing with deeper, psychological challenges, he won’t take advantage of her. The risk is not worth the reward. She’s not the type of woman he’d go after unless there’s some sort of taboo attached to the relationship making it spicier, fulfilling some sort of a fantasy.

Funny Business

Should any “funny business” take place the attorney faces legal and potentially career-ending scrutiny. Further, he faces the potential destruction of everything he’s building. His marriage will also suffer, ending in financial ruin. An unwanted advance, or even the perception of something inappropriate, is an enormous threat modern day. But we need checks and balances. The corporate world is better when men and women contribute uniquely. Notice I didn’t say “equally.” We are biologically unequal. Equality is a crapshoot. In other words, we should focus on building together and not destroying masculinity or femininity in the process.

This is because his temporary escape didn’t require him to deal with the root of the stress he’s experiencing. If we invite femininity into the workplace, it will absolutely reduce sexual harassment.

Instead of there being an undertone of sexual tension and frustration like in most corporate settings – women would be free to wear pink and behave in a more natural way.

Things become less exciting when there’s no taboo attached.

3. Most lions are selfish

Whoever has the dominant role in family life, has specific needs when it comes to health, wealth, and motivation. The better hunter, the more specific their regime for success.

Everyone is different but we all share a desire to move further away from pain and toward pleasure.

Upon removing all the fancy accolades, and grandiose purchases from life – the hunter has a desire for companionship, significance, & contribution. He or she needs to be around less dominant, non-judgmental, loving, and trustworthy individuals. An environment like this will motivate the lion or lioness and keep them focused on what’s most important.