Is Your Website Holding You Back? It’s a complex question to answer…

If you hesitated for even a second, you probably know that your website is costing you big time. Consequently, your competitors are doing everything to get ahead, while you’re losing money. In other words, if you were burned in the past you shouldn’t give up. 

Maybe you’ve invested in your business but didn’t get the results you’d hoped for?

How Much Money Are You Losing?

Is Your Website Holding You Back? If you hesitated for even a second, you already know the answer and it’s costing you big time. Is having a website & online presence frustrating, challenging, and expensive?
Is your site a sad example of your work and what kind of experience your clients can expect to have?
Does it look outdated?
Lacking personality?
Just imagine how many customers go to your site and leave empty handed…

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You probably have been spinning in circles trying to figure out how to grow and maintain your business at the same time.

This has to be so hard on you. You’re only one person, who understands the entire machine, and you’ve got a lot on your place.

How would you like to free up some of your time?

Spend it with family and friends, or make your business processes more efficient…

How does that sound to you?

When you’re doing what you really enjoy, you enter into a state of flow. Flow refers to the optimal position where your challenges & skills are both higher than average.

This is the state where the greatest inventors, artists, and philosophers “broke through.”

Further, being in a state of flow allows you to be more productive, and take meaningful actions toward a specific goal or objective.

To get to this place, you need to either increase the challenges you’re dealing with, as well as your skill in dealing with those challenges.

The optimal state to enter into a flow is either from arousal/curiosity or control. When people feel aroused, they’re slightly anxious, not bored, and interested in taking action forward. Alternatively, when we feel a sense of control, we’re comfortable enough to take new risks and we tend to dream about the possibilities ahead of us, motivating us to take action.


When marketing to women, there are a few key things to consider. Primarily, I’m referring to the cave-woman brain.

In each woman’s subconscious, there’s something motivating her thoughts, perceptions, beliefs, and emotions to move closer or further away from buying your product.

Additionally, it’s important to consider the cultural climate and the nuances of your specific demographics’ preferences and experiences.

If you’re marketing haircare or makeup to white middle-aged women, it’s relatable to reference causes they care about and celebrities of a similar archetype.

However, if you’re marketing haircare and makeup to black women, you may take a different approach.

This is crucial research that you should invest in before throwing spaghetti at the wall. The most successful brands today have invested millions into market research, and if you’re paying for marketing services – there should always be some degree of data to support your approach to marketing to back up your strategy.

If you hire Darling, we’ll help you to figure out not only who is included in your target demographic, but where they hang out, and what motivates them to click the “buy now” button.


We offer two main services:

  • web design
  • digital marketing

Our web design efforts are pretty straightforward. Frequently, we’ll work with another agency to produce the best conversion-focused website possible.

However, our digital marketing services are all done in-house. They may include anything from email marketing and SEO campaigns to social media management, blogging, or video content creation. We will do whatever we feel is necessary and base your package on niche-specific keywords that will advance the positioning of your brand in the market.

Each package is tailored to fit the client’s needs. Even still, we strive to over-deliver on our promises.


Darling is a web design & marketing agency based out of Miami. We use seductive psychology & branding techniques to create a “hands-off” marketing funnel. In the seduction process, we conduct market research & brand our clients to fit the needs of their ideal consumer, rather than trying to market to everyone.


We specialize in building a brand fantasy that creates lifelong customers. We use our knowledge of sales, psychology, design, & SEO to create a spider web of cognitive associations with your brand. This streamlines the relationship-building-process & conditions the customer to view your brand in a certain way.

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