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The Darling Company creates hands-off marketing solutions for senior professionals who desire to expand & scale. They’ve sold millions of dollars in products & services, and are skilled at finding diamons in the rough. Our remote team has a thorough understanding of the digital aspects of modern business. Do you have a practice or side-venture you’d like to scale?

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Co-Founder & Lead Strategist

As a former actress, Lexi has worked behind the scenes for some of the most successful brands in food, automotive, entertainment, and commerce. Spending many hours behind the scenes on campaigns for the biggest brands today, she learned how these companies captivate and harness consumer emotions to seductively brand and market their products, yielding massive ROI and a cult-like following.

Today, coupled with Brad’s computer science degree & experience coding for the largest aerospace company in the world, Lexi serves as the creative director & lead strategist for The Darling Company: a web design & neuromarketing agency based in Miami.


Co-Founder & Digital Marketing Director

As a former computer programmer for the largest aerospace company in the world, Brad uses his expertise to assist brands in scaling their traffic online. He also has extensive experience building programs and applications and writing content to optimize user experience and user engagement across the web.

Brad serves as the digital marketing director for The Darling Company: a web design & neuromarketing agency based in Miami.


I’ve heard what’s possible or impossible a countless number of times. However, this rarely stems from truth or experience. It’s emotional, and like most emotional statements, it’s not always logical and we can limit ourselves with this kind of thinking. Most people who feel like things will work or won’t work, feel this way based on past experience. Their own subconscious beliefs about that past experience are the drivers behind their present thoughts and actions.

By analyzing the search engines, and providing real-time competitor data, we can determine what is possible & realistic in the market. If we don’t think something is achievable within a certain budget or timeframe, we won’t agree to work with you. You’d be surprised how a few small tweaks to your homepage and a more strategic marketing campaign can multiply and expand the business you’ve already put so much into.

What we do is not for every business because you already need to be up and running at a decent pace to scale. However, if your growth has been stagnant for years, we may be the perfect solution for getting you where you would like to be.

Unfortunately, by the time most business owners learn about us, they’re apathetic and disillusioned with the idea of growth. Just last week I had a guy tell me that although he’d already invested over $100,000 into his business – and he’s ready to quit. He’s never invested in marketing, but the startup costs were so high that he’s now risk averse. When it comes to growing the company, he’s afraid he’ll lose and he hasn’t even fully launched. Consequently, this is something I encounter every week.

The most successful businesses in any industry devote about 30% of their profits into marketing efforts. It is absolutely essential to allocate some of your budget into marketing, as it’s the only means for staying relevant.


In 2013, I earned a degree in International Business. After working as an event planner for several months, I started a food blog & wrote a cookbook on Amazon. I kind of fell into tech by marrying Brad, who is now a tech entrepreneur. Blogging became my passion at home, as well as web design & critiquing brand aesthetics and angles.

After struggling as an actress for several years, we relocated to Miami where I took a sales contract for a plastic surgeon. I was able to sell nearly $1 million in Brazilian Butt Lifts on that contract, and Brad encouraged me to open Darling. I had no clue how to operate a business, but wanted to combine my sales & marketing abilities with my husband’s SEO knowledge (he had been working for himself for a few years already) – so I opened Darling.

Darling started with me going door to door around Miami Beach and giving away free websites to older local business owners. Early on, I attended an event with a client. Upon being introduced, I was told that I should be an escort instead of working in tech.

Furthermore, 6 months after opening the company, my father was diagnosed with stage 3c liver cancer. He died a few months later. We faced a lot of adversity, but it’s made our company strong and fueled with passion. I am very grateful to be where I am today.


I love neuromarketing because it allows our company to merge connection with contribution. 

Most tech companies seem to be missing the mark in this industry. Sometimes you have to look beyond what’s in front of you to make progress. The internet is a lot like the Wild West. In other words, there is still so much uncharted territory and unlimited, unregulated potential. For most industries, the online demand far exceeds the supply, even though most modern businesses have a web presence. I like that my husband and I can work together to bring logic and creativity to every project. We think within the box, and outside of it, covering all bases for our clients.