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SEO & SEM Services

Our background is in affiliate marketing which has made us experts at finding qualified buyers & conversion. We learned and applied SEO techniques to scale our own businesses, and now we do the same for clients.

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Blog Development

We have been featured on notable blogs and our CEO is the moderator of a community of over 1,300. Our digital background actually began with a blog that led to a cookbook and stint in Hollywood. We also own several profitable blogs in health, and federal compliance. We can help you develop your blog into a profitable passive income stream.

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Custom Quote Engines & Forms

We build custom quote engines and forms for you to automate user data collection. We can sync these forms with your CRM, mail client, downloadable docs, and more. We can even help with copywriting and building landing pages.

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Artist Websites

Our work in the entertainment industry helps us understand the importance of having a legitimate virtual presence.

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Web Design & SEO for Businesses

We develop custom websites and strategic solutions for small, medium, and large enterprises. Whether you’re trying to get started, growing a stable customer base, or ready to scale – we’ve got you covered.

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Copywriting & E-commerce Web Design

We owned a successful e-commerce store a couple years back, and have extensive experience with writing sales copy. We were able to 10x our sales in just 6 months with organic content creation and email re-marketing. We handle everything from design and development, to copywriting and SEO.

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“Lexi and her team deliver the best experience in any tech company I’ve ever worked with. From the moment you first meet, she makes you understand the process and genuinely cares about your business. She’s very good with explaining her services in a way that you can understand it. I actually met Lexi here on LinkedIn and intend to continue working together with her for a long time to come.”

Kirk Rhoads
Global Marketing General Manager,
“Excellent designs! She is great at what she does, loved the help!!”

Kandace Keith
“”Lex not only knows her SEO, she also knows how to treat people. She takes the time to explain things and then executes what’s she’s going to do in a swift and efficient manner.”

Sam Brilhart
Content Producer
“Darling will be big. Very different than any other experience I’ve had with a company, and the team’s results were shocking. Lexi is incredibly charming. Her people really know what they are doing and have the skills to back it up. You can only dream of this stuff when it comes to hiring a digital agency. No empty promises, no upsells. They tell you upfront they only specialize in certain things… They tell you what you need to do and then get the job done. Great work guys, will be referring people and contacting you again soon.”

Vincenzo Nunziata
Business Development at Savino Del Bene USA
“Lexi has such a complete understanding of web design. She goes far beyond just making beautiful websites (which she does); she also knows how to make a website effective: how to direct web traffic to your site, and how to direct your visitors to the exact page you’d like. She’s also a joy to work with, with a great ability to quickly understand businesses’ needs.”

Jacob De Monte Finn
Co-Founder, Stitch It App

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