Our Work

Attract ideal clients, and get inside their minds without them noticing. Darling is a digital agency that specializes in consumer seduction, or neuromarketing. We use cognitive triggers in web design & marketing to improve conversion, communication, and increase your bottom line.

Our Services

  • Website Development
  • Traffic Generation or Search Engine Optimization
  • Traffic Generation with Website Re-Development (Most Popular)
  • We offer variations & customized packages to fit client needs, please contact us for pricing.

Have Questions For Us?

Have a question for us? Send us a note & one of our team members will follow up with you within 24-48 hours. For general inquiries, please send an email to staff@darlingwebdesign.com. Or you can call our office during business hours at 305-956-8998

  • Engaging influencers & industry leaders:

    We’ll reach out to authorities in your industry, comment on their blog articles, share their content, reference them in articles, and send them emails requesting links in an effort to build a long-standing relationship.

  • Server Monitoring:

    We monitor your website’s speed, rankings, and security 24/7. If there is an issue, we will handle it immediately and remedy the situation (most often before users would even notice).

  • Backlink Strategy:

    We’ll reach out to authorities in your industry, and acquire high-quality backlinks to boost your power in Google search.

  • Listing/Citation Clean Up:

    We’ll make sure all your business info is accurate and congruent across the web.

  • Publishing high-quality, free content:

    We’ll be posting to your blog and/or social media. This is what’s known as link bait in the world of neuromarketing. It could be a free tool like a pricing calculator, an e-book, an in-depth guide on a topic that’s important to their audience, or relevant to your brand, or a helpful infographic.

  • Engaging and contributing to blogs or forums:

    We’ll find groups, forums, and other targeted communities that are likely to share and re-blog about your content.

  • Reaching out to the press:

    We’ll secure niche-specific contacts for media coverage, interviews, product reviews, and more.

  • Routine Check-ins:

    After we’ve initiated a campaign, we will remain in frequent contact with you. You won’t be placed into a queue or given a project manager. You’ll have direct access to us at all times throughout the campaign. We will also update you on how things are going and further advise on any issues or incongruencies we notice with your online strategy. You’ll receive daily ranking emails, phone calls, and customized quarterly reports.