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Darling Miami LLC in Miami, Florida has helped vodka brand Hell’s Half Acre Vodka in Fort Worth, Texas, develop their online search relevance, branding, email list, and social media following. By engaging a dedicated development team to work with the client directly to complete all requirements on time and within budget

Solution Provided by Darling Miami LLC

An accurate test of the market could not be conducted unless the project met minimum requirements for appealing graphic design, usability, and execution of the primary value proposition. When we began working together, the brand had an outdated website, and virtually no niche awareness or traffic to the website.

“We appreciate the work you have done.” – Dr. Frank Rodriguez, CEO & Brand Manager HHA 1885 Vodka

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Originally, they needed to be able to compete with brands like Tito’s & Greygoose, appeal to investors, restauranteurs, exporters, and buyers. Darling understood the goals of the client precisely and initiated re-development of the website & launched a digital marketing campaign to attract users to the website, spreading brand awareness.

The Breakdown

Email Campaign – At the beginning of the campaign, jump-started a 12-part email campaign that achieved 38% open rate prior to having the ability to actually purchase the vodka outside of Texas. Over 40% of the email list is local, 60% national & international.

Instagram Growth – At the beginning of the campaign, we jump-started an additional Instagram page that would become the brand’s primary account. When we began working together, the brand had acquired less than 1,000 followers on Instagram. We jump started their account, acquiring 4,400 followers in a few weeks without social media marketing. Your customers don’t have free will.

Going the Extra Mile

National Distribution – On behalf of HHA Vodka, The Darling Company developed a relationship with a national distributor based in FL that would be able to ship to all major beverage markets. This works around strict TX liquor laws because the actual production & distribution takes place outside of TX. Prior, their TX distributor was unable to ship outside of TX, making it difficult to spread brand awareness or negotiate national distribution before hiring us.

Drizly – The Darling Co reached out to Drizly for inclusion in their directory. This will allow the vodka to be delivered from any of Drizly’s vendors that carry HHA nationwide.

Bangkok Broker – The Darling Co reached out to a Bangkok liquor broker that intends to take the brand to Soi Cowboy bar street, one of the most visited tourist destinations in the world. Results The company is the passion project of an orthopedic surgeon. His son created the product, and his wife and children are all involved. When we began, they were only indexed for one keyword. One year later they are showing up for more than 2,400 unique keywords. Many of their competitors have applied similar strategies, yet get 50-200 website visitors per month. They’ve received over 500,000 impressions online, and average 1,200 visitors to the website each month. Their top local competitor receives 56 visitors to their website each month.

Recent Awards

  • Female Disruptor, (2018)
  • Thrive Global’s “Limit Breaking Female Founders” List (2018)
  • Featured in Voyage MIA Magazine’s “Most Inspiring Stories” (2018)
  • “Women in Business” panelist – Lexi Montgomery, WeWork (2018)

Results & Methods

We build custom websites that attract, seduce, and convert prospects making it easy for customers to buy from you.

Some of our methods include:

· Blog Sniping:
We find buying keywords that are under-targeted and have high-conversion potential. Our clients capture the thousands of users that have yet to be marketed to. They then close them before competitors figure out where (on the internet) those buyers are hiding.

· Earning Trust:
We focus on the framing effect and authority bias. The customer’s perspective is always this: they want to work with an expert, but fear (scarcity, anxiety, lack of social proof) limits their ability to find the right expert. Our strategies keep the spotlight on the customer’s goals from the second they land on your website, and seductive copy + optimized marketing campaigns keep customers positioned in a tight funnel that ultimately leads them to trust you & buy from you.

Additional Strategies

· Strategic Sales:
We work to find small tweaks that can increase conversion, quickly and efficiently. If your business has been around for a while, our first objective is to make sure you’re getting the most out of the reputation you already have.

· Scaling & Conversion:
To scale, there must be a well-defined process within your organization and sales funnel. To convert, you must get the user to agree, within their own mind, that you’re able to provide a solution to their problem.

Our efforts direct users into a seductive funnel that encourages them to sell themselves before calling into your office. We focus on quality, transparency, and increasing your bottom line.

The most important part of our process is getting to know you, your goals, and your vision. If you tell us how much money you’d like to make from your online presence, we’ll provide a digital solution. Anything is possible with the right budget, as we specialize in building websites that make money.