SEO can get pretty complicated, but there are a few essentials that you need to know before hiring someone to rank your website with knowledge of Google’s search engine.

Let’s pretend you’re going to be hiring a PR agency and they’ve offered to do a free analysis of where you stand currently. They should first suggest combing through your website with a fine-toothed comb. Then they should deliver a ranking report to let you know what terms you’re showing up for in search, and who your competitors are.

Next, they should do a social media analysis and thorough competition analysis. Finally, keyword research should be done to ensure that you’re reaching your target audience effectively.

All of the information can be provided in the form of an SEO Blueprint that you can follow, hire someone to follow, or it can be used for quality assurance to follow up with your current marketing team. We offer a free custom analysis to qualified businesses. If you’re interested, please go ahead and fill out this form. We’ll be in communication with you inside of 48 hours.

To recap:

We are going to comb through your website and show you what you can improve in order to get ranked higher in Google. You will be able to make these changes by yourself or have your web developer implement the changes.


Do you know which keywords you’re ranking for in Google? We are going to send you a report showing you where and for which phrases your website is ranking for.


There are two ways a business can use social media, to make sales or to help them get on the first page of Google. Do you know the difference? We will explain the difference to you and analyze your social media presence.


We are going to show you how your top competitor is doing and how you can rank higher than them.


This is the most important part of SEO. Most businesses don’t even know where to start or what keyword research is. We are going to find five keywords that people looking to buy your service are searching right now.


We are going to tie it all together and show you how you can get your website ranked higher in Google.