We have everything from international CPAs and plastic surgeons, to rappers, and beauty salons as our clients. The important thing is that you – the client – feel connected with your website and that it effectively presents your brand. It needs to be memorable, and thoughtful. But at the same time it needs to be marketable. The worst thing for a business is a crappy website. Whether it’s old, outdated, or glitchy – it will ruin your online reputation which leaves you dependent on referrals and ads.

Ads are highly effective. However, if you ever cut your ad budget, you’ll stop getting leads. Ads also do not solve the problem of “presentation.” You can spend a ton of money, say amazing things to your clients, present testimonials, and even offer freebies – but if your website looks unappealing, you’re not going to convert prospects into customers very well.

Black/Dark themes

Dark themed websites are very effective in certain industries, and ineffective in other industries. It all depends on your customer’s perceptions and expectations when they come to the website. If the industry standard is a clean white site (like many medical practices), it may perturb a potential customer to have a dark site.

However, if you’re an artist or investigator, it could make the prospect feel more comfortable and trusting. When they come across your company, you have to make a good first impression either way. Our site is themed atypically for a web design and marketing agency, but we rely on our branding to create subtle shifts in the user’s perception and ultimately close them.

We know our services aren’t for everyone but we want to draw in ideal customers and warn away problematic ones. A website is like the mote around a castle. It protects, and reinforces what you’re about, and adds a layer of prestige to your company. A dark theme might be for you if it seems to resonate with your customers.

Another option is to incorporate a dark header with white underneath.  This is probably out favorite theme for clients as it is both artistic and professional looking. See examples below…

Black market bespoke services

So let me make this clear, we don’t work with adult industry XXX services, gambling, or illegal transactions. When I say “black market bespoke services” I’m really referring to something much nicer. These services include financial advising, private legal representation, independent artists, and financial services that do not require certification of any sort.

These services are very common and we have many clients across these industries. We can understand how difficult it can be operating under someone else’s vision and so we offer “black market” bespoke web design services to assist with the transition to entrepreneurship.

We also understand the limited finances you have in this transitional phase, so we offer affordable and thoughtful, all-inclusive pricing options.

Black-owned businesses

Our clients come from around the world. Most are from Europe and   across the continental US. We cater to the specific needs, norms, and expectations of each client no matter where they’re from. Our specialty is uncovering the deepest level of desire and remaining transparent throughout the process.

We have tons of resources, and knowledge to help business owners whether you’re a one-man-show or running an enterprise.

We have helped black [minority] business owners surpass unique speed bumps they face, and we’ve also provided countless hours of support and reassurance to clients no matter what they’re going through.

Our founder is a minority woman so she knows the route to digital success very well and we can offer lots of resources to combat some of the physical and mental challenges you’ll face.

At the end of the day, you’re going to have to overcome your battles alone. We don’t discriminate, and we have tools that will help anyone if you want it bad enough and are willing to work hard enough.