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The Real Deal

Our services are a lot different than paying for a temporary fix. You can still implement promotional strategies while doing SEO. Promotions are great and can give you a real pop in revs. SEO is different because it builds a stable foundation for your business by generating steady and predictable leads month after month.

We get your business ranked on the first page of Google for keywords that are important to your business. When someone searches a phrase like “Baltimore roofing company,” we make it so your company shows up. These keywords are highly profitable. People pay tens of dollars per click to run ads for these buying types of keywords. Once we are done ranking you on Google, you will receive all the benefit without having to pay anymore.

This will provide a steady stream of leads for your business, putting an end to the drought of new customers. Do you think an extra couple thousand people finding your website could result in increased revenue? We know the answer to that question from experience, and soon you will know the answer from experience too.

Conquer New Territory

If you have never been on the first page of Google for a high volume phrase with buying intent, it can be kind of hard to wrap your head around getting hundreds of visitors every month, even after you’re done paying for our service. That’s why SEO is so powerful. It’s an investment in the longevity and prosperity of your business.

There is nothing more powerful than having a steady, or even increasing, flow of free leads. When we are done with your site, it will be fortified. We will build the authority of your site to a level that ensures you will stay on the first page for a long time.

The End

I’m sure you already knew most of what I just told you. Success is simple, yet takes a lot of will power. I’m sure you know this well because you made it to where you are. However, growth paralysis can end a business even if you do everything “right.” The basic recipe for a successful business is described in Ray Edward’s, Copy That Sells.


The recipe is simple. If a consumer feels happier and more fulfilled after using your product, they’ll refer you and come back again. If the product actually works, even better. But sometimes it’s their belief it will work that actually brings the desired outcome. Let’s be honest, how else could we explain the success of businesses like CARFAX or McDonald’s?

They seem to focus on the end result rather than quality, customer service, or having the most “unique” product out. They don’t reinvent the wheel, they just oil it well and do what needs to be done to keep it running. At Darling, we work to eliminate the information overload. We want you to feel good about your website.

In turn, your customers will feel good about your business when they find you online. Remember, your website is going to be the first impression for 70% of your new customers. Updating your website is telling new customers they’re equally as important as existing customers.

One of our unique copywriting tools is the incorporation of archetypes your customer will identify with. In copywriting it’s best to write casually and specifically. To speak to your customers in a broad, general sense will cost you. We also incorporate your entrepreneurial vision into the website. We want the customer to feel like they know you before coming into your store or making a purchase.

Every Darling Design requires thoughtful consideration. Darling web designs are straightforward, strategic, and sexy. If you feel compelled to hire us, it was simply meant to be. Your new website will merit success because as with all things, ends run true to their origin.