Finding the right designer in Naperville can be tough. Luckily we’re here to help.
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Focus on Building Trust

It’s hard to choose a web designer. They’re everywhere. Some specialize in aesthetics, some can perform all kinds of technical coding, and others focus solely on the search engine performance of the site. To choose the best web designer, you first must decide what’s most important to you. Focus your website on whatever is going to have the greatest impact. It’s okay to invest a significant amount because having a Wix or Weebly looks EXTREMELY unprofessional and will surely place a chokehold on the business.We focus on thoughtful branding that encourages attachment, and trust.  It’s very important to us that our clients are healthy businesses, with a good reputation because we spending a lot of time in research & development, and only work with the best of he best.

On-Page Optimization

Optimizing the content and structure of your website is hugely important. It’s something that is almost always neglected by the average website owner. Luckily, we have on-page SEO down to a science. This will include optimizing your titles, meta data, images, maps, URL structure, keyword density, and so forth.

Authority Building

This is the main ingredient to our secret SEO sauce. After we redesign your website, it’s a good idea to sign on with us for monthly SEO if you’re seeking a more hands-off approach to customer acquisition. In this process, we strengthen your site through getting relevant, high quality links pointing to your website.

You don’t just want any old links pointing to your site. If you have bad links pointing to your site, Google will view you as bad. If you only have weak links, Google will view you as weak. Links are your friends. Especially powerful, authoritative links like (.edu) and (.gov) links. Google will associate you with “likeminded friends.” Thus, it’s important to be careful who you’re interacting with (don’t fall for the cheapie SEO services or one-off low priced development services).

For both Google, and your own sanity, it’s important to invest in a development agency that you can see yourself doing business with for many years to come. We take extra care to make sure your website is not hanging around the wrong crowd. We’ll make sure you’re setup properly and count on you to keep things that way.

Social Media

Do you have the most important social media accounts? Are your social media accounts optimized for Google? Do they work in harmony with each other to improve interaction with your customers & to boost your day-to-day business?

Well, if you don’t have enough social media accounts, we will create more for you. If you already have them, we are going to optimize your social media accounts.  Frankly, if your socials are not optimized for Google, you’re missing out on tons of power and credibility.

“You can only dream of this stuff when it comes to hiring a digital agency. No empty promises, no upsells. They tell you upfront they only specialize in certain things… They tell you what you need to do and then get the job done. ” ~ Vincenzo Nunziata