There Are Very Few Companies that Use Neuromarketing

In marketing, a conscious choice made from among two or more alternatives is referred to as a decision.

Neuromarketing is the commercial marketing application of cognitive behavioral techniques that influence consumers and sell more products & services without additional effort. This type of marketing entails the study of consumers’ sensorimotor, cognitive, and affective response to marketing stimuli.

Therefore, mechanical, personal, or neuromarketing methods are the only ways that consumptive data can be collected. However, most marketers don’t use neuromarketing, and here’s why:

1) It’s expensive.

This isn’t something a marketer can learn overnight. Initially, learning how the search engines work, how to do collaborative outreach, how to set up campaigns, sales, and all the technical aspects of marketing will be their first priority. This is what most marketers focus on, and then they try to scale their client base.

Furthermore, they will need to scale the agency to allow more time for research and development. Eventually, they will specialize in one area, ie. e-commerce marketing, or marketing for physicians, attorneys, etc. They may never invest in learning neuropsychology because the payoff isn’t short-term or significant.

2) It is very time-consuming.

Most marketers aren’t going to watch endless hours of youtube videos or listen to podcasts. They aren’t going to read books like Marketing to the Affluent, Brand Seduction, Why She Buys, Never Split the Difference, Big Game Hunting, The Male/Female Brain, or any of Robert Greene’s books on human nature. It’s not necessary to become a successful marketer.

However, it is necessary to produce numberless successful campaigns and positive reviews. We chose to specialize in this because we want our clients to achieve optimum results for years to come. We want their fans to grow with the brand, so everything we do has to have neuroscience back of it. W’re not in this for a “quick hit” – one of the primary values of our firm is to establish trust and authority with and for our clients and the brands we represent.

3) It’s hard to define, pinpoint, and replicate.

Every client, every brand, and every customer is different. Proper neuromarketing takes a lot of split testing and research. Just like in the wild, the human animal is operating on many different levels simultaneously. When the discussion of nature vs nurture arises, we find a little of both play a role in decision-making. Most of us aren’t aware of our own subconscious beliefs and patterns.

We stereotype based on broad generalizations, but we aren’t adept at defining the less obvious tendencies of a person without thorough split testing of their preferences & behavioral responses. We look at brands and businesses like individuals. Your brand is entering into a long-term relationship with each customer, individually.

This means that we have to develop a relationship with that customer’s subconscious on behalf of your brand. The more neuromarketers understand what moves your customers, the less effort – as the business owner – you’ll have to put toward getting that customer to take certain actions.

4) They don’t know about it.

Neuromarketing and neuroscience are what artificial intelligence machines and algorithms rely on to gather data. They’re, at best, experts at responding to human nature.

Without the initial stimuli & response, there would be no data to collect and make associations about. These algorithms are able to constantly split test, tweak, and re-focus their audiences and content to yield higher returns. They change who they target, and when they target them.

Additionally, they change the visuals, sales copy, and landing pages the content links to. These machines are smarter than the average marketer, but only because the average marketer lacks the awareness of this field of science. Most marketers are caught in a repetitive cycle, only copying what your competition is doing, and this is where our solution is unique.

“…not a plain vanilla solution but always something out of the ordinary, something that catches your attention immediately.” – Serge Massat, CPA 


We are a digital media firm that specializes in consumer seduction.

Our agency (based in Miami) uses cognitive bias triggers, aesthetic design concepts, framing, and digital marketing strategies to facilitate better communication with potential customers. We help clients to earn trust, and influence their customer’s subconscious buying habits before they ever visit the physical business. Our process is hands-off for the business owner.


We’re branded similar to a digital escort service (authoritative, discrete, and intimate).

We also go above and beyond to get results. We’ve procured overseas contracts, press, national distributors, partnerships, and collaborations – and produced investor pitch material & press releases on behalf of clients.

What motivates us?

Life itself. We’re too resilient (or reluctant) to accept failure. We never quit. There’s so much untapped potential in so many areas of life. We want to encourage business owners to believe & invest in their dreams, while encouraging their customers to believe in the product or service they’re purchasing. Our company was built through perseverance and re-wiring our brains to achieve desired results. We weren’t silver spoon babies, or valedictorians. But we wanted more for our lives, and the lives of everyone we come in contact with.


We sell consumer seduction packaged into web design & digital marketing services.

I’m not talking about social media or blogging. We gather information about the entrepreneur behind the company, as well as the customers that resonate most with the product. For example, when one of our clients approached us they wanted to market a product to motorcycle gangs.

When we began working and found an abundance of middle-aged women who resonated with the brand. They were able to live out their “Bonnie & Clyde” fantasy through the brand and became raving fans, before ever trying out the product.

We began marketing more directly to those women, with storytelling, and unique triggers – making them the central focus of the brand story (imagine an old west romance novel where you’re the lead).

Within a year we got over 1,200 monthly visitors to the site and 40% email open rate, while the product was still unavailable in most locations.

We find what’s missing in a business’ storyline/recipe, incorporate it, test and scale the qualified traffic.

Most entrepreneurs are blinded by their own vision for the company. They miss the small things that make a big difference when it comes to conversion & ROI.

I was in digital marketing for almost 2 years, and very unsuccessful. Then, I was told I should be an escort rather than working in tech. Consequently, I changed the branding to fit my audience and focused our approach to differentiate our agency from any others. Then I started making real money.

We repeat this process for business owners missing the mark.


Our goal is that your customers begin to ego-identify with your brand.

This means they have to feel a balance of brand “story,” entrepreneurial spirit, personal satisfaction & validation. We’ve worked with doctors, attorneys, CPAs, cybersecurity, local businesses, and consumer product brands.

We find entrepreneurs who are passionate, and customers who are looking for a solution – then we form a long-term relationship and scale the qualified traffic.

We make the customer the leading actor. And the business owner, the producer who cashes in.


The biggest challenge in neuromarketing is time.

Like many industries, back end processes can take away from sales & expansion. Our first priority is delivering results for our clients. This means getting press for the agency, creating video content for our audience, etc are not in our top priorities.

Right now we oversee everything from start to finish.

We cannot outsource the work because most marketers aren’t neuromarketers and this specific area of expertise requires some training.

Our agency also doesn’t run ads, cold call, or do any kind of direct marketing. For customers to feel at ease, it’s crucial that they approach you first.

This is why organic SEO is so powerful, but ranking in a competitive industry takes time.


The market is enormous. Digital advertising/marketing is rarely taught in a traditional manner, and there is a very low barrier to entry.

There are far more business owners in need of digital marketing than there are legitimate marketing agencies. However, becoming a well-known agency is quite the challenge. When a consumer can go to a huge agency, or freelancer for cheaper, it’s challenging to convey the value of a neuromarketing approach.

We have many competitors in SEO, but not many that use neuroscience.

We have many competitors in web design, but not many that consider consumptive psychology in the aesthetic design.

Storytelling through branding is also a growing sector, but most of that niche focuses on the brand story & providing entertainment, not psychology.

We want our clients & customers to feel that the product/service is custom-catered to them.

Consider modern military branding, for example, it appeals to everyone because women fantasize about men in uniform. Girls look up to men in uniform, men see themselves as healthy, fit, protector/providers, and boys want to protect/provide when they grow up. This is explained in sexual competition/aggression psychology (a strategy we employ) & Freud’s work.


If you contract a neuromarketing agency, you’re in good hands.

With neuromarketing, your investment dollars will be allocated with efficiency and the people working behind the scenes will have unique insights about your customers that will be priceless to your business in the long run.

While fighting in the trenches, our clients won’t really be able to understand all that goes into this.

But that’s why you should contract an expert.

We bring our unique expertise into the environment and are able to work with you to revolutionize your business in ways you may think are impossible. There are very few companies that use neuromarketing because it’s a complex science that isn’t much more rewarding to the marketer than any other specialty. You have to love it, and it has to be a passion to spend adequate time researching and exploring this evolving field.

At its core, neuroscience is the study of human nature. Biological wiring plays a huge role in our ability to manifest the things we desire most in life. It is the set point for all decisions, from purchasing to relationships to career changes and parenting. Understanding a person’s subconscious motivations is the key to influencing their behavior, in any location, at any point in time.

The largest brands in the world, the FBI, the government, the education system, etc… all have some degree of understanding when it comes to neuromarketing. Neuromarketing is the best investment you’ll ever make.