Why WordPress Design Services Lead the Market

WordPress is the leading platform because it allows you to strategically invest in what’s motivating customers to buy your product or service.

Sure, you can do this with any website but it will be much more complicated and costly in the long run.

Websites built on WordPress allow the developer to customize unique front-end triggers that will influence user-purchasing habits.

These triggers can be implemented on any page, in headers, footers, and content blocks in the back end of the website design.

Additionally, WordPress offers a marketplace of security, functionality, and user-experience focused plugins that are updated regularly based on search algorithm metrics. The best web designers no longer focus on custom coding, but the usability and marketability of modern websites.

WordPress vs Static HTML

A static HTML website will require you to pay someone to update the code on the back end of your site, each time you’d like it changed.

There are many freelancers, especially in India, who develop static websites for as cheap as $500.

These sites are falling behind the times day by day.

There was a time when business owners thought having a custom-built website was considered more desirable or prestigious, however, that’s on a sales angle – one that stuck around in consumer’s minds. There are essentially 3 types of websites:

  • Custom coded websites: These are static HTML websites, and websites designed specifically for your business. The structure should be unlike any other website, and unique to your business. These can be somewhat glitchy, difficult to maintain, and vary in price. These are the hardest websites to rank and update. Additionally, the best marketing agencies won’t work on a static site because they’re not search-friendly.
  • Template websites: These are websites that look like many other websites in the industry. Customizability is limited, and they’re very cheap. There are numerous development agencies who “specialize” in chiropractic, dental, real estate, financial advising, or niche web design. Sites like Wix and GoDaddy also offer templatized websites. These are budget-friendly but very generic, and harder to rank in organic search.
  • WordPress websites: These sites involve a mixture of the aforementioned design styles. They generally have a templatized core structure, with custom features and edits.


The greatest benefit of having a WordPress website is that you can use calculated empathy when moving consumers through your sales funnel.

Calculated empathy involves a keen, reflective awareness of other people, their values, and emotional states. Instead of prioritizing what you want from the interaction, you’re prioritizing the customer’s wants and soothing their anxiety.

This takes some conscious effort. Using rational faculties to understand your customers will improve your ability to communicate with them despite the complex emotions they’re experiencing.

In job interviews, calculated empathy communicates poise and intelligence to the interviewer. In relationships, shows our appreciation for the subtle nuances we are experiencing with a romantic partner. Calculated empathy signifies deeper emotional intelligence.

In other words, you’re waiting to hear confirmation that the prospect is in agreement with you BEFORE asking any consequential, anxiety forming questions. This is incredibly easy to do with WordPress once all the necessary tools are in place. You can change your home banner coding, incorporate an email form pop-up, a live chat widget, compelling imagery, and copy that influences consumers in a unique way.

Then installing plugins like Clicky analytics, pretty links, heat maps, recording the bounce rate, and implementing eye-tracking software will allow you to gauge the success of your strategy.

Benefits of WordPress Design Services

“Seek first to understand, then to be understood.” – Stephen Covey

A version of this ancient idiom can be found across various cultures throughout history. The Dalai Lama once said, “When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.” Perhaps you’ve heard some of these?…

  • “The loudest person in the room is always the brokest,” or…
  • “We have two ears and one mouth, so we should listen more than we say.” ― quoted in Zeno of Citium, by Diogenes Laërtius

In other words, the key to true understanding is listening.

Letting Customers Lead the Initial Sale

There are inherent biases driving every single decision we make. From selecting a primary care physician to the school we send our children to, to the laundry detergent and toilet paper we stock in our homes. Consider this, have you ever made a purchase for absolutely no reason?

Even if the reason was trivial, there’s always a reason motivating you to take action.

Most consumers will arrive on your website completely exhausted & frustrated.

When a customer lands on your website, they’re thinking about one thing “how can you help me solve ____ problem?”

Subconsciously they’re considering all the things that can go wrong, budget, what didn’t work in the past, etc.

This is not a good place to start a relationship.

There are tons of defenses, perceptions, past experiences, and beliefs causing the customer to feel immense anxiety and distress by the time they learn about you. However, this is only human nature.

Making new decisions and commitments will require a change in the neural wiring of the brain.

It’s just like learning to write in cursive, ride a bike, drive, or play a musical instrument. Everything that involves a change in routine is stressful for any human being. Consequently, it is essential that you eliminate the inherent stress users feel before attempting to showcase your product or close a sale.

Strategic Triggering

Strategically empathize with customers to get them less defensive, and more agreeable. The first thing you’ll have to combat is the negative bias influences that may lead the customer to avoid purchasing from you.

Guess how long you have to do this? 7 seconds

You only have 7 seconds to make a first impression.

This doesn’t mean you have to explain how the product works, or your expertise for that matter. You only have to get the customer interested enough to enter into a dialogue with you. If your static HTML website is slow to load, you’ll waste 3-5 seconds.

If you do not combat these negative subconscious influences, you’re wasting time and money.

The customer probably won’t buy from you. And if they do, retaining that customer long-term is going to be an uphill battle.

Once a consumer is all in, they’ll say something to the effect of “that’s right.” This is the confirmation bias in action. Whatever impression you’ve made on that customer has re-routed them into your frame. Now they’ll begin looking for positive confirmation that your product or service is the perfect solution.

They’ve subconsciously entered your velvet ropes and you can begin the sales process at this point. Prior to this, the worst thing you can do is tout your resume, credentials, or anything for that matter which doesn’t involve empathizing with where that customer is at, psychologically.

Do you know who the greatest empathizers are in the entire world?


Why? Because this is the fastest, most effective and efficient form of influence in existence.

WordPress Design Agencies

Agencies that specialize in designing on WordPress are ahead of the curve.

Is it a ridiculous idea to think that your goal is to make money through your online presence? Any business looking to develop an online presence with high profit-potential should have a website built on WordPress.

There are countless reasons why, but the primary reason is that the digital world moves fast. Technology, especially software and search algorithms, are changing daily. Major and minor updates can penalize your site, and cause you to lose massive amounts of money at the drop of a hat.

A site that is easy to keep up to date, and user-friendly will give a competitive edge in business. That edge directly translates to your bottom line and overall quality of life.